The Science behind your Business.

Through Psychology and Neurology, we research the mind so you don't have to.

Have you ever needed to know exactly what's going on in the minds of your partners, clients or customers?

Here at HX, we specialise in product and service market research using brain scanning, eye tracking and other scientific methods. Whether it’s using your newly designed tech or experiencing a newly designed building for the first time, we can discover just what’s happening in the mind.

For each project, we will assess your needs and build a research team specific to your particular situation. Whether you need a year-long study with multiple angles for your business, or a quick experiment on your new website or product, we can accommodate your every need when it comes to discovering what your clients, customers or employees are thinking. Our data is science driven and 100% accurate, going above and beyond traditional surveys that are subject to bias.

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Here at HX, we're beginning some exciting work on the effects of the SCARF model, amongst other psychological theories, and how the theory can be assigned to ethical (and not-so-ethical)…

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When creating our company and basing our office on a university campus, we had students in mind. While the niche of our business was not the most popular amongst them,…