How neuropsychology can help you connect with your customers and clients


Choose the metric you want to test

If you are interested in delving deeper into human behaviour and want to learn how your clients and customers are reacting to your business,we can help. Just indicate what you want to achieve from our services and allow our research team to create a bespoke plan for your individual needs

Indicate the number of participants

Depending on your demographic, choose how many participants and what ages you want to test your idea on.

Watch the innovation take place

After the project plan is aggreed by you, we do the rest. From the actual testing to data analysis, we transform your idea into a beautifully presented booklet filled with all the information you need. Whether you want a short summary of the findings or a data-filled book, we can deliver anything. Bring your scientific data backing to investors and future clients and secure your sales.
client wearing brain scanner technology surrounded by a virtual reality dome showcasing a human beaviour data set

About our Research

How big can my project be?

Our team of researchers is extremely versatile and can handle month long to long-term projects. Whether you want to test a product or one metric or create an entire research facilit and programme for you, we can handle it.

Can I use my own staff as participants?

If they are within the demographic you are trying to test, then of course! We can work with your own staff or bring in new participants. If you are bringing out a new product on the market, we recommend using participants that are not familiar with your product or brand- this eliminates employee bias.

How many participants do I need?

The number of participants depends on what you want to achieve from the project and how accurate you want it to be. We can create small projects of 50 participants to long-term projects involving thousands of participants.

How long does a research project take?

This all depends on how extensive the project is and how many paticipants were involved. For smaller projects we can present you with the results in a month or for bigger projects it can take up to a year.

How expensive are your individual projects?

We don’t have a set price plan- it all depends on the size of the projects and what it entitles. We can either plan a proect based on your given budget or we can create a price plan depending on the number of participants, incentives and length of project.

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