On the 22nd of June, after months of brainstorming and research, we decided to finally take the plunge and introduce the scientific meaning of HX into the business world. With of our interests being around neuroscience and psychology, it was easy to create an entity that would encapsulate both ideologies and combine them into various business sectors.

Venturing into a poorly researched area, with not many other businesses to get guidance from, we encountered uncertainty. But our work with our clients so far has confirmed our hopes; this research produces more useful results than we ever anticipated. Having been immersed in technology throughout our entire lives and due to the university knowledge gathered during our courses, we had a new, fresh way of thinking and adapting when working with tech, and bringing our experience into other areas.

The course of our business changed drastically when we were approached by Keele to occupy an office in their new state of the art business school. Without any expectations or knowledge about the support offered, we were reluctant to move in but we were instantly impressed with the vast amount of opportunities offered in the building. The decision was a no-brainer and we became fully invested into the community created by Keele. We joined networking events, spoke at business festivals and met incredibly talented people that still inspire and motivate us every day.

As we are approaching the first year in business, we cannot wait for what the future brings. Regardless of what is going on in the world, we will adapt and continue to help businesses using scientific research.