Our latest partners are the exciting immersive technology brand PortalCo. After a short conversation at a mutual business event, we clicked immediately and realised how many shared applications our businesses have. Focusing on creating a shared virtual reality experience without the need for screens strapped to faces, PortalCo create an immersed experience through their aptly named Portals.

Founded in 2017, PortalCo create immersive rooms where one can be surrounded by the content they enjoy without  a headset. This is the next generation in immersive technology, and can be used in anything from festivals to office spaces. This technology offers a less stressful experience compared to its competitor, the VR headset. Research has shown that users felt less nauseous and anxious when subjected to either a simple youtube video or a stimulating activity such as a racing game. This new approach in the immersive world can help create relaxing environments in workspaces or provide a less anxious training experience.

HX provides us with an understanding and insight into how our products are experienced that we'd never seen before.

Benji TallentPortalCo Co-founder

Our work with PortalCo involves testing just how a person may experience their time within a portal, and how these findings can help PortalCo perfect their technology for any need. We aim to find out how to maximise enjoyment, immersion and satisfaction whilst minimising the negative affects you may find in competing VR tech- such as headaches, nausea and more- through observation, questioning, eye tracking and brain scanning.

We look forward to expanding our research with Portal in the years to come; whether it’s developing new VR content or entirely new tech, we’re excited to see where the research takes us!