When starting a business, the last thing we thought about was a global pandemic affecting it. Despite extensive planning and hours spent on market research and making sure we were prepared for anything, there is always something that takes you by surprise. Due to health and safety of our staff and participants, we were one of the first businesses to close but during this difficult time, we are learning every day how to adapt.

Regardless of having to delay some really exciting projects and without having the stability we were hoping for, we are still in a very privileged position where we can continue working from the comfort of our home. Adapting to a new way of working has proven to be challenging at the beginning and we really struggled to be productive and differentiate between work and home time but it made us think outside the box- we have been attending many online networking events and connected to many business professionals from other countries which otherwise would have been difficult to do. This period has given us the opportunity to learn new skills and brush up on existing ones to make sure that when this hard time is over, our expertise is stronger than ever.

One thing I have noticed in the online community, especially in the tech and business one, is the increase in online courses and competition between people on how many skills they learn at home. I’m not going to lie, it’s amazing how many free courses are being offered but people shouldn’t be ashamed if they don’t come out of this global pandemic without a new skill developed. This is a hard time for everyone- it is normal to take time to adapt and be worried about our health, our family and our financial situation therefore it’s acceptable to take a break and relax for once.

Even though our research is postponed- we are not closed. We will take the time to connect with our community and still create updates on how we deal with this pandemic. Make sure to regularly check the website for more blog posts and our Instagram and Facebook page for updates. We will be sharing online courses you can access from Ivy League Universities, activities you can do at home and more updates in the research world and how you can adapt to remote working.

We are also considering starting a podcast and sharing the expertise from researchers in different sectors and inspiring people we know!

Stay safe and stay at home,