Keele University is home to some of the highest rated research facilities in the country.
Founded in 1949, Keele was the first post-WW2 University founded, and ranks amongst the best universities in the country, including being top-10 position for numerous schools of research and Learning. Since being students/alumni at Keele and forming a close relationship with the research staff across the science school, it was a no-brainer to continue our business venture here.

The university combines a beautiful scenery of Keele Woods, making it the biggest campus University in the UK and an amazing community of students across all years and schools.

“Moving our headquarters to Keele was the best decision we could have made for HX Lab. Working with University Facilities allows us to perfect our research and bring a high level of expertise to all projects we undertake.”

Elena CismigiuHX Lab's Co-Founder

Moving to Keele University in October 2019 was an exciting challenge for HX Lab, and definitely the right one. Not only did the move allow us to work more closely with the University Research facilities, it also allowed us to meet some of our amazing clients. With two offices in the Denise Coates Foundation building within Keele University Campus, we have met fellow businesses in the Innovation Park and worked on research collaborations of all kinds.  

HX Marketing was founded by Keele University members, and works closely with the Psychology and Neuroscience Research departments’ graduates and undergraduates through both consultation, collaboration and employment. We work hard to make sure that all HX clients receive institution-level research and observation.

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