Improve your employing methods and connect with your trainees using our innovative technology

Do you think traditional recruitment methods are out-dated and biased? At HX we use the latest technology to ensure your recruitment is accessible and inclusive for everyone and that you are choosing the right people for the job. If you are unsure which aspects in your current approach is wrong, we can analyse it using our brain scanning technology and find the flaws.

Depending on them, we will create a bespoke plan that encapsulates all of your needs and introduce it to your current staff. Depending on the emotional response picked up by the technology, we can create a suitable and bespoke recruitment plan perfect for your needs.

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AT HX we don’t stop at recruitment. We understand how important is to keep your current employees happy, and that’s why we can perform the same neuropsychological tests on your staff and ensure that they are productive and happy in their workspace.

Our training metrics also test employee performance during training exercises and create specific guidelines depending on the job. Our performance tests can be done remotely without the need of an assessor- this way you can cut down unnecessary costs and make sure your training methods are fair and test all the skills needed for the specific job.

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About The HX Lab method

How can you improve recruitment methods?

Our brain scanning and psychological methods can ensure that your recruitment is fair and accessible to everyone. We can observe your current interview methods and selecting criteria and test their effectiveness. If there are any aspects that are least enjoyed by your recruits or are seen as unfair to different demographics, we can create a new bespoke plan for your individual needs. Each metric is then tested against your staff or participants of your choosing. Using our methods we can completely create new selecting criteria and questionnaires suitable for all demographics and backgrounds. This way you can ensure that you are choosing the right people for your jobs.

Can your methods increase employee satisfaction?

Absolutely. The right tools attract the right people. If your methods of recruitment and training are fair, then your employees will be happy and productive within the workspace. We test your methods for anxiety, enjoyment, boredom and many other emotions to an 100% accurate level and change them accordingly. Based on your employee’s human behaviour responses, you can change certain aspects of your business to overall increase enjoyment and productivity in the workplace.

What are the benefits of using neuropsychology over traditional methods like surveying?

Traditional methods such as surveys or focus groups are extremely prone to bias. Most people don’t show their true response, lie, or do not take the surveys seriously. These can give you totally inaccurate responses, so you might never know why your staff is not productive!

Our methods test subconscious brain responses to the millisecond before the person actually feels it. These responses are picked up by our brain scanners with 100% accuracy and truly show how people react to certain aspects of your business.

Will I have to bring my employees to your office?

Not unless you fancy visiting our offices. Our equipment is portable and can be transported anywhere in the world along with our team of researchers performing the project. Just pick the time and place.

Is brain scanning safe?

Absolutely. Our brain scanners look like headbands and do not hurt you in any way. The EEG scanners connect to your brain via multiple felt electrodes placed on your scalp. This procedure does not hurt or cause any discomfort. AT HX we understand your hesitation therefore we encourage you to visit our offices for a demonstration or arrange a meeting where we can answer all of your burning questions.