Human Experience

Researching the Human Experience is what we do.

Here at HX, we specialise in finding out exactly how a person might experience your product, service or technology. Through psychological and Neuro-biological research, we can find out not just how you can effect your clients, but how you can improve on any aspect of their experience.

From the job interview process to testing out the latest Virtual reality game, our research can give you insight into what happens in the minds of your clients, employees or customers- improving enjoyment, inclusivity and productivity.

We achieve this through a perfected blend of psychological and physiological methods measuring behavioural responses along with scanning brain waves, eye movements and more.

If you wish to know what’s happening inside the mind, we can find out for you.

Tech Research

A major part of our Human Experience research centres around Tech.

Whether you need to test the way a customer might enjoy your latest Virtual Reality experience or need to know how new software will effect the productivity of your staff, HX can create a custom-tailored research project to give you the information you need.

No longer will you need to rely on guess-work or trial and error to design the best tech for the user- HX will find out exactly how your tech is perceived, and exactly how it can be improved.


Our Neuro-Marketing research will allow you to cut through the noise with your advertisements.

Here at HX we can give you the true insight into how a potential customer will view your advertisement. Through our excellent blend of psychology, Neurology and physiology, we can define- with absolute certainty- how your advertisement is received, and which areas are more, or less, effective at getting your message across.

Whether you need to advertise to retirees or teens, we can pinpoint the best design to push through the noise of modern advertising, straight to the mind of your customers.

There’s no need for trails and repeats- with HX, you know you’re going in the right direction from the start.

Urban Design

Our Urban Design Research encompasses everything from Architecture to First Class flights.
Using our blend of research styles perfected to measure the true human experience- be it conscious or unconscious- we aim to discover just how your clients and customers experience your new environment.

Do you wish to know just how a person feels when they enter your newly constructed building? Or how to maximise relaxation in your hotel rooms or flights? Through psychological and neurological measures we can pinpoint exactly what’s happening in the minds of those who use your facilities or increase productivity and motivation in the work environment.


Due to the custom nature of our research, our prices will range from partnership-to-partnership. In order to estimate a price, we’ll need a brief description of your project goals and any potential time-restraints/ other requirements.

In order to receive an estimate, simply contact us through the Contact page our via our email and/or telephone number.

Alternatively, if you have a budget in mind, contact us with your information and needs and we will can do our best to create a project to suit your needs perfectly.