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At HX Lab we can help you bring out the best features of your new product

Are you unsure if some metrics will be enjoyed by your customers or clients? We can test small details and ensure they are loved by yourself and your users.

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Eye tracking

We use the latest eye tracking tech that pinpoints precisely where an individual looks when handling your product. 

Brain Scanning

We use the latest EEG scanner technology on the market to test human behaviour on a subconcious level. We pick certain metrics to test and change them along the way until your final product is perfect and enjoyed by all.

Psychological measures

To accompany our brain scanning we use other psychological measures such as science-based surveying to compare against the data given by the brain scanning technique. 

Using the HX Lab Method for Product Development

How can brain scanning help in product development?

Brain scanning can discover subcoscious emotions of your users when handling your product. It can accurately pin point excitement, anxiety, immersiveness and many others within the millisecond.

What can your brain scanning test?

Our brain scanning technology can test any part of your product development journey. Whether you are unsure of a certain parameter or colour, we can accurately compare them and find out how users subconsciously feel about what you want to change. Our brain scanner can extract feeling like anxiety, boredom, sleepiness, excitement and many others.

What can you test with your eye tracking?

Eye tracking is straight forward- it tracks where your eyes are drawn to. They can be drawn to certain colours, certain branding or aspects of your product. Using our eye tracking glasses we can find out where users are firstly drawn to when given your product for the first time. Based on the results you can make the changes that improve your marketing strategy.

Do we have to bring our product to your office?

Not unless you fancy seeing our offices ! Our equipment is small and bluetooth so we can travel anywhere and test all kinds of products- size really doesn’t matter.

Is it available in my country?

Due to the current travel resrictions we are unable to travel to other countries but we can visit you anywhere in the UK. Once the situation allows, we will be able to travel anywhere in the world.