When creating our company and basing our office on a university campus, we had students in mind. While the niche of our business was not the most popular amongst them, we were keen to access the brilliant minds a university setting has to offer. With both of our backgrounds in science, we understood the issue regarding placements and lack of internships outside clinical research and we wanted to provide a different perspective and show students that scientific research doesn’t stop in a clinical setting.

Besides creating a job and internship opportunity for undergraduates and postgraduates, we knew how valuable students are in the workplace. With jobs nowadays requiring previous experience following university, students are extremely keen to work, and their ethic is invaluable. Hiring students was the most rewarding move in our company for many reasons. As a small business we were able to create more personal relationships with our employees and act as mentors for people who’ve never had jobs before. As students ourselves, it was easier to relate to people’s needs and mould their schedule accordingly, making their time at work more productive and less stressful as it didn’t clash with their studies.

Students are also more open-minded and keener to trying new things and learning new skills. From email writing to data analysis, they are still familiar with the concepts learnt in school and still have the work ethic fresh in their minds. This way they are more able to work in more areas and with the same enthusiasm!

Our partnership with Santander and Keele Internships

As a small business still figuring out how to manage a team, the opportunity of having a full funded intern came at the right time and we were extremely grateful for Santander’s service. The process not only allowed students to further develop their skills and integrate them into a different work environment but allowed us to perfect our interview and management skills. The relationship we have created from this partnership further solidified our trust in students and realised how valuable they are, no matter how little experience they have.